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british painter and actress known for her role on the tv series "girls."



I have just started my job, so I’m getting really busy and may not have as much time to update the blog.  If anyone wants to co-run FY Jemima Kirke, inbox me!  Thank you, you are all lovely followers xx


Are you going to get naked on the show?

Jemima Kirke: ”[Shrugs.] Probably. I mean, Lena’s probably gonna write it for me. I think I’d like to, only because my body is, like, is not necessarily … aspirational. You know what I mean? It’s got flaws and it’s also got some nice things about it….

"Oh my God, my thighs are really rubbing together like nobody’s business. It’s like they’re red, and raw, and burning hot…it feels like an epic fuckfest with a ghost. I just wish I had a wheelchair for June and July."
—  Jessa Johansson, on chafing (HBO’s Girls)

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Allison Williams, Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke at the Tiny Furniture Premiere (2010)